Project 418

We are working to incorporate an Open Search connector on this main page. We will also provide a search box here that does a redirection to one of the search interfaces. For now, please look for UIs in the Interface gallery as we work quickly to deploy a new one.

Principles over Project

The real core of P418 is unquestionably the community of data providers. You can read about them in the About section. Second to that would be the web architecture itself which supports the process of publishing and consuming their material.

For further details on the guiding principles of P418 we suggest the posting by Google: Facilitating the discovery of public data sets by Natasha Noy and Dan Brickley.

We have additionally compiled an initial approach for those interested in publishing structured metadata following this pattern. That document includes the above and other references near the end.

Data Assay, Notebooks and more...

Inspired by the likes of the Web Data Commons we are providing an initial Data Assay of the structured metadata provided by our partners.

Additionally, notebooks like Jupyter and R Studio are great ways to work directly with data. Through our web services and via index downloads we are working on example notebooks to share with the community.

P418 is discussing testing our web services to meet interface patters for the Flyover country app . We are interested in all external parties that would wish to leverage the material our partners expose.

Note, the pattern P418 uses is entirely web architecture based. You don't need us to use it and we are happy to help explain how this approach dis-intermediates such patterns and allows direct connection to the data facilities.